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Local veterinarians who participate in low-fee spay/neuter programs
We offer a list of local veterinarians who participate in the San Diego County low-fee spay/neuter program. These doctors agree to perform spay or neuter surgeries at reduced fees. Please note that veterinarians will need to perform pre- and post-op care and administer vaccines. Costs will vary; contact individual vets for fees. They are doing their part in helping to control pet reproduction and reduce the number of unwanted litters that enter local shelters.

Escondido veterinarians participating include: Dr. David Knox, Escondido Spay Neuter Clinic (760-233-5917), Dr. Allan Geller, Dr. Rick Linbeck, and Mohnacky Animal Hospital. San Marcos veterinarians include Dr. Chun at Nordahl Pet Clinic, 630 Nordahl Road.
Having your pet spayed or neutered is important for many reasons. Due to unwanted litters of pets, San Diego has thousands of animals in local shelters. Please spread the word to friends and neighbors that it is no longer acceptable to let a female dog or cat have an unplanned litter or to allow an intact male dog or cat to wander the streets contributing to the reproduction of more orphaned pets.
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Spaying or neutering eliminates various medical and behavioral problems. For instance, an altered dog is less likely to roam the neighborhood where he could become lost or be injured by vehicles or other animals, and a neutered cat is much less likely to mark his territory by “spraying” his owner’s furniture or getting abscessed bite wounds by fighting with other intact male cats. Studies have also shown that altered pets live longer, happier and healthier lives!
Benefits of Spay/Neuter
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