I just wanted to write a note to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt the most wonderful dog!! We adopted Hana (her shelter name was “Tipper”) last October. When we first brought her home my husband and I were not sure that we could handle the responsibility with what we got ourselves into; hwever, with her sweet and fun-loving personality all of our concerns were alleviated very quickly. We fell in love with Hana in no time.

We were told that Hana was found with a rope around her neck walking the streets. We had no idea what her story was, but we did know that she was now in a good place with lots of love. Hana is a snuggle
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bug that loves all people and dogs. She is a smart little darling with LOTS of personality! We have many nicknames for her now including “wiggle butt” as her whole body shakes with joy when she sees people and dogs. We love coming home from work when “wiggles” greets us with kisses!

Hana is now a happy little girl- going on lots of walks, car rides, dog park visits and snuggling with us every evening on the couch while watching TV. We love her with all of our hearts and cannot imagine our lives without her. We look forward to many more years of fun and love with our Hana Bear. Thank you for all of the work that you do to help these wonderful animals and thank you for giving us our Hana.
Happy Tails
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My name is Jenni, and I am Cassidy's new mom. We adopted her just three weeks ago today. Now (with a lot of training) she is my service dog. She is still in training to be my guide dog.
I am only 46 and have macular degeneration. This disease is causing progressive blindness to both of my eyes. I cannot drive at night, and within one year I will not be driving at all. Cassidy is being trained by a program called "Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs." Cassidy
will be passing her "Therapy Dog" test in August and a few months after that she will be completely trained to safely walk a blind person anywhere.

As you might already know, a "Service Dog" is not required to pass a "therapy dog" test. "Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs" and Catherine Sacks insist that all dogs who go through their program must be able to pass a "Therapy Dog" test. This means Cassidy can visit people in hospitals and nursing homes.
I have Lupus and get sick often. Cassidy goes to all of my doctor's appointments. She always cheers people up when they are sitting in the waiting room. She has even been to the Emergency Room with me because I got very sick one night. She behaved perfectly and charmed the doctors, nurses and patients with her sweet eyes and gentle kisses.
My husband, John, and I want you to know that Cassidy is a great ambassador for the Escondido Humane Society. She has and is proving that service dogs can come from a shelter. Service dogs can also be part if not all pit bull. Thank you so much for taking care of my angel dog Cassidy long enough for us to find one another. She is not only an extension of my body's needs, but she is an extension of your shelter's love to anyone who comes into contact with her.
With tears in my eyes I say this to you: My husband and I will be forever grateful to the Escondido Humane Society. Barbara, Linda, the vet, the staff and all of the amazing, angelic volunteers. I (we) could never put into words what it means to have my life back thanks to a little stray pit bull mix named Cassidy. With all of the gratitude a heart can hold, we THANK YOU ALL!
John, Jenni and Cassidy Gaines
My husband, son, and I adopted three cats from your facility between August and September 2008. The way to make a long story short is, "Never bring three people to the animal shelter to pick out one cat." They were from separate rooms and had never "met" before. They did not all get a long at first, but became friends and have distinctly different personalities. Now 3, 5, and 7 years old, they are loving healthy indoor cats who have had a calming effect on us, besides making us laugh a lot.

We are so very happy with them, we later brought in two different people who each adopted the perfect cat for them. One such adoption was yesterday by my best friend,Marilyn and she is thrilled. Your website was a great help in pre-selection--it is very well done.

I was reminded of how generous, clean, and well-run your facility is. The cat selection is amazing. We always ask for our adoption counselor, Barbara, who makes it so much easier to choose. I will continue to
Callie, Duffer and Kinky Tail
recommend the Escondido Animal Shelter to everyone.

And now, we would just like to show off our beautiful cats Duffer (middle), Kinky Tail (bottom) and Callie (top).

Thank you, JILL, ROBIN & JAKE
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