Some of the most common anti-cruelty laws that Humane Society Officers come across every day are simple, correctable violations, such as :

Owning, possessing, or training a dog to fight is a felony. Being a spectator at a dog-fighting exhibition is a misdemeanor. Roosters are commonly used for fighting in several areas. People involved in animal fighting will be punished to the fullest extent of the law in this state.
Do you suspect that someone is abusing, neglecting, or harming animals?
Call us right away at (760) 888 - BARK (2275). You are their first line of defense!
Anti-cruelty laws
The owner of every dog over the age of four months is required by law to ensure that his or her pet is currently vaccinated against rabies (SDCC Section 62.610) and licensed (SDCC Section 62.620[a]).
Escondido Humane Society Officers investigate animal cruelty cases, prosecute animal abusers and educate the public on how to properly care for their animals. The Humane Officers get their powers from the California Corporations Code 14502, and can exercise the powers of a peace officer while investigating any crimes involving animals. The State of California requires that Humane Officers attend a P.O.S.T. certified basic police academy for a level one armed position, or a P.O.S.T. certified P.C. 832 firearms and arrest course for a level two unarmed position. Animal Control Officers have the same authority but only in the jurisdiction they serve in.
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Animal cruelty
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