Animal Care: Food
In-kind donations from our wish list are gratefully accepted during shelter hours from 10 am - 6 pm daily, or by appointment by calling (760) 888-2240. Gifts to our nonprofit center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
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Animal Care: Supplies
Veterinary/medical supplies
Office and miscellaneous supplies
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Special thanks to MyOffice for their generous donation of office furniture.
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Kirkland canned dog food
Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner (Chopped Chicken, Chopped Beef) for dogs
Friskies Mixed Grill Classic Pate canned cat food
Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Babycat 34 Formula
Fox Valley puppy formula
Fox Valley kitten formula
Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls (Beef and Turkey)
Gerber baby food (meat only, no vegetables or fruit)
Unopened food for hamsters, rats and mice
Good quality timothy hay bales, delivered
Chinchilla food (Oxbow brand)
Grrrip Two Handled Dog Leash 1 x 6 (any color)
Kong toys (large and medium)
Peanut butter to fill Kongs
Martingale Collars (10"-20"; 14"-20"; 18"-26" - any color)
Gentle leaders
Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 42" X 28" X 31"
Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 36" X 24" X 27"
Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 48" X 30" X 33"
Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 30" X 21" X 24"
Hard-sided animal carriers with two-door top load
Nylon muzzles for dogs and cats (all sizes)
Mesh dog muzzles for short nose - flat faced dogs
Kuranda dog beds (elevated, chew-proof crate dog bed)
Puppy training pads
Puppy Pens (3' tall)
Kitten nursing bottles and nipples
Cat toys (furry mice, jingle balls, feather toys)
Washable fleece cat beds/Ultra Soft Oval Donut Cat Beds
Cardboard cat scratchers
Kitty litter (clay and scoopable)
New rectangular cat litter boxes, large only - no tops
Paper bedding (shavings)
Large rabbit water bottles in new condition
Sturdy ceramic water crocks 4" to 8" in diameter, shallow, non-skid
Angled funnels
1/2-pound paper trays
Dawn detergent
Hanging hair dryer and regular hair dryer
Non-tip stainless steel bowls for dog and cat food
Grooming brushes/Flea combs
Dog shampoo (we DO NOT accept Hartz, Sargeant, or flea and tick shampoo)
Malaseb Shampoo
Quiet grooming clippers
Manual can openers
Chinchilla dust
Paper shavings
Heating Pads with no auto shut-off
Digital Thermometer with Fast Read (10 seconds) and Flex Tip
Gram scale
3x3 Gauze Pads
Tongue Depressors
Vetwrap (2" is best)
Soft disposable surgical gowns/masks/ booties
Unopened/unexpired prescription diets (Purina, Science Diet, Royal Canin)
Nitrile examination gloves without powder
Syringes (1ml/3ml/6ml/10ml/20ml/60ml)
4' x 1/2" or 6' x 1" Dog Pet Animal Control Grooming Shelter Veterinarian Doggy Daycare Kennel Slip Leads
Clock with a second hand to count heart and respiratory rates
Cleaning supplies (Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Liquid with Febreze; Windex; bleach; mop heads and buckets; broom and tall dust pan)
Lysol wipes/Hand Sanitizer/Air Freshener
Paper Towels
Trash Bags (15 and 33 gallon)
3-ring notebooks; spiral notebooks
AA and AAA lithium batteries
Manila Filing folders
Scotch Tape
Gallon Zip Lock Baggies
Shade canopies (10' X 20')
Laminator sheets/Sheet Protectors
Black Expo fine-tip pens and erasers
Copy paper
75' hose
Pico 16 GB thumb drives
HomeAgain Universal Worldscan Microchip Reader
Medium and large rubber gloves
Video camera
Large dog trap
18-gallon plastic storage bins with locking lids
6x8 or larger tarps